In search of Native American lands

Following the paths of the Native Americans

CampingCar-Online/Ramble Campervans can offer an itinerary to discover Native American lands from Phoenix, Las Vegas, Albuquerque or Los Angeles. Live the West differently. In your motorhome approach the Native American territories, discover their culture, art and crafts and participate in a Pow Wow. Meet the Native Americans close to the Grand Canyon in the Navajo reserve near Monument Valley, and the Pueblos in Arizona and New Mexico.

There are about 2.5 million Native Americans living in the USA in 300 reserves. Many still live in Arizona and New Mexico, the land of their ancestors. The Navajo are the largest tribe of these two states, followed by the Apaches in roughly the same area and finally the Pueblos in the Mesa Verde National Park. Many National Parks have been created to preserve the culture and land of the Native Americans. In addition to visiting these national parks, don't miss an opputunity to experience one of the great tribal gatherings, a Pow Wow. In April in Albuquerque participate in the great Pow Wow of America where you can admire Native American dances and costumes. You can also visit the Pueblo Cultural Centre in Albuquerque to see a unique collection of pottery.

In your motorhome you can also travel part of Route 66 from Albuquerque. The construction of Route 66 1926 brought tourists and business to a previously secluded area of the United States. A tour of Santa Fe, a beautiful Mexican-Native American city, is worthwhile.

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The motorhome is an ideal way to travel along the open US roads. You will find your motorhome easy to drive and maneuver, and there are ample stations for refueling and refilling water tanks.


In the national parks, there are many low cost campgrounds that don't require booking in advance. Arrive early in the day for the best availability, travel as you please!


Road trips from the east-coast to west-coast and vice-versa are very popular so be sure to book your motorhome well in advance.


Dine like at home - all our motorhomes are equipped with large fridges!


The new generation motorhomes have improved fuel efficiency, and gas prices are much lower than many other destinations.