Camping in South Africa

Motorhome travel is an ideal way to explore South Africa and enjoy the nature and the many wide, open wilderness areas.

A motorhome trip in South Africa involves good preparation of budget, route, itinerary and especially campsites for the night after a long day's drive and adventure.

The country is full of places to park your vehicle for the night varying in price and style from well equipped, "luxury" campsites to more rustic, basic sites. However, the motorhome is a very popular way to holiday in South Africa so it is better to be well informed and book ahead for campsites. It is obligatory to book in advance for campsites within national parks.

General camping information

There are more than 1500 campgrounds and caravan sites in South Africa, most of which are in parks and reserves, and around the cities. Generally, they are very well maintained and lovely to stay at.

Safari and camping shops are mainly located in/close to shopping centres. You will be able to find everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable camping holiday in these shops in South Africa. Most camping sites do not have camping equipment for sale or rental.

'Wild' camping (camping outside of designated campsites) is generally forbidden and not advisable due to security and environmental conservation reasons. 

South Africa's fauna and flora are fragile with many protected species). Be vigilant and respectful of the nature surrounding you, especially in the more rural, isolated areas. No-one will be there to pick up your rubbish.

Here are some useful links to find and book campsites in South Africa:

Caravan Club of South Africa


Caravan Parks - search for campsites in the country by selecting the relevant regions

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