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We have asked some of our renters to share their experiences in South Africa and here are some that you may find useful.

So, what did you take from your South African trip?

In the low season, reservations are not necessary in campgrounds + you'll practically be alone!

  Except for Kruger where reservations are always recommended.

Back-country camping in the wide open nature: never a bad choice either.

Be sure to follow the basic rules of safety, South Africa is generally a safe country.  ->

Among the basic rules: Don't drive at night, avoid sensitive areas. Just follow your good judgement!


The paved roads are in ok shape, but "get used to gravel roads."


Plan your itinerary and stops ahead of time. Alice at CampingCar Online is very helpful!

  Driving distances can be very long. One word of advice: EN-JOY

Dont forget, every road-trip is unique. It's all up to you to create your own adventure! Safe travels!



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