Practical info

Practical information for South Africa

Some practical information for your trip.

The time change


South Africa is one hour ahead of France when the time is changed for the European winter period. However, in the European summer period there is no time difference; when it is 10am in Paris, it is 10am in Johannesburg.

Electricity in South Africa

Electricity is supplied almost everywhere South Africa, except in very remote areas. However the spply can be unreliable and power cuts are frequent. The voltage is 220 - 230 volts.

Electrical outlets are not the same as in France, so you must remember to bring an adapter for your electrical appliances such as mobile phone and camera chargers.

Emergency numbers in South Africa

Police: 10111

Emergencies: 999

A passport valid for 6 months after the return date is sufficient for a stay of less than three months. The passport must have at least two blank pages.

except no vaccine DTP is required.

AIDS and malaria are present in South Africa. Malaria only affects a few regions and only at certain times of the year.

It is recommended to wear full length clothing and socks and closed shoes in the evenings and at night to prevent mosquito bites.

The sun, even in cloudy and cool weather, is very strong and sun protection is very important.

The currency is the Rand ZAR, and cents. You will easily find cash machines.

South Africa is a conducive destination to travel with children.

Security requires you to be very careful in cities (Durban and Johannesburg). Do not walk around outside at night.

Avoid driving at night. Do not do any 'wild' camping (camping outside of designated campsites). Do not go into the townships.

Medical services and pharmacies are numerous and easy to find.


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