Kruger National Park - Gauteng

Kruger National Park - a South African splendour

The Kruger National Park is one of the oldest reserves in South Africa and spans over more than 20,000 km2. It is an exceptional park that allows you to self-safari in your motorhome. The noisy silence of the African nature including bird, insect and animal sounds, offers a sensational experience. The wildlife is abundant and includes the "Big Five" (lions, elelphants, leopards, buffalo and rhinos) as well as many more animal and bird species. The park is 350 km in length with many good campsites suitable for motorhomes.

If possible avoid going to the park during the South African school holidays is it can get very busy. Also try to avoid going during the hot seasons from October to March when temperatures are very high and the vegetation very dense. During the winter months (June - August) the vegetation is less dense and the intense blue sky is reflected in the water at the animals' drinking points offering extraordinary sights!

It is important to remain in your vehicle at all times while looking for and watching animals. You can get out at certain picnic spots and view points indicated on the map you will receive when entering the park. 

Allow at least 6 hours to drive from Johannesburg to the park.



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