Immersed in flora and fauna in Plettenberg Bay

Nature lover, passionate about animals: explore the Plettenberg Bay region

If you are passionate about animals, love beautiful scenery and are a road tripper enthusiast then a motorhome or 4x4 journey around Plettenberg Bay is the place for you! If you're looking to travel off the beaten track and away from the classic safaris but still get close to monkeys, elephants and other wild animals then here is an itinerary that will delight you! From Monkeyland to the Elephant Sanctuary, from "The Crags" along the Garden Route National Park, you can discover the vibrance of South Africa and its unique places.

Tired of spending August in the office all day looking at the same funny kitten videos on line...... Bored of the same old picnics in the heat, on the dry grass at the park down the road to please the kids...... Frustrated with the same visits to Quai Branly Museum every Sunday in search of something new....

We only have one thing to say: take a well-deserved holiday and discover South Africa by motorhome or 4x4 around Plettenberg Bay. This trip immersed in flora and fauna will delight young and old.


We suggest picking up your motorhome or 4x4 in Cape Town or George (or even Port Elizabeth or East London) and heading towards Plettenberg Bay. There is no doubt that you'll fall under the charm of this typical seaside resort, popular with South Africans, especially for its immense, wild beach, Lookout Beach (more than 10 km long). This beach is known for being a great surfing spot with its small village situated high above it overlooking the sea.

Don't miss Robberg Nature Reserve, 5km west of Plettenberg Bay. This reserve covers a 9km long peninsula and is home to many animals. You can do a beautiful hike that takes you to the tip of the peninsula tip where you can see the Cape's seals all year round.

During your motorhome trip in the Plettenberg Bay area, you can visit different animal sanctuaries that protect many species. Head to Birds of Eden and Monkeyland, both close to The Crags.

Birds of Eden offers a magical tour into a gigantic aviary (the largest in the world), home to around 200 species of birds from all sorts of places. In this environment, similar to a tropical jungle, you will cross suspension bridges and wooden walkways and feel like a true adventurer, getting very close to the different birds.

Monkeyland is a vast, protected area for the reintegration of monkeys that have been hurt or mistreated. The monkeys roam freely in a dense forest where you can observe them from designated spots with a guide, understanding that the monkeys are a little shy but, nevertheless, intrigued by us, their human cousins! At the heart of this dense forest, a real 'Planet of the Apes', awaken your Indiana Jones spirit by crossing an impressive suspension bridge over 100m long!

After these thrilling activities head off in your motorhome to admire the greenery of the Garden Route National Park. You will travel along cliffs that offer magnificent views of a beautiful, rugged region. The park consists of forests, lakes, beaches and oceans, and therefore offers activities such as hiking and canoeing. There is nothing like camping with your motorhome in a park as beautiful as this one!

Finally, finish your wildlife trip in South Africa with a visit to the Elephant Sanctuary (Plettenberg Bay). In this fabulous place you can walk "hand in trunk" with the elephants. For the more adventurous, take a ride on an elephant (elephant back riding)! However, this priviledge is expensive...... No matter what you will certainly go home with excellent memories of this unique, out of the ordinary motorhome holiday!

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