Driving and drivers license

Be aware of the distances!

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Basic motorhome driving rules in Australia

  • The driver must always drive on the left side of the road.
  • Pedestrians must always look right before crossing a road.
  • All motorhome passengers must wear a seat belt (babies and children must be seated securely in the appropriate vehicle and booster seats).
  • It is imperitive to travel with your national and international drivers licence at all times.
  • Fatigue is a main cause of road accidents in Australia due to the long travelling distances. Take regular breaks from driving.
  • At traffic circles traffic flows in a clockwise direction.
  • Always overtake from the right and allow a large gap between your motorhome and a truck when returning to your lane.
  • The speed limit in cities is generally 60 km/h and 100-110 km/h on highways without particular notification and signs.
  • The legal alcohol limit for drivers is a maximum of 0.05%.
  • When driving a motorhome use the truck lanes at toll gates and service stations.

Secure driving in Australie

Australia is a huge country. When calculating the time your itinerary will take, it is important to consider the necessary slowdowns you will make when passing through towns or villages. The weather is also an important factor which may significantly reduce your average speed. Furthermore Australian wildlife is abundant and it is common to see animals on the road. It is better to slow down significantly or stop, rather than trying to avoid the animal by passing around it (think always of oncoming traffic). Avoid driving at night.

Remember that your motorhome is longer and taller than a car. Keep an eye on signs indicating height restrictions and also on low hanging tree branches in campsites. Be very careful when reversing.

A two-wheel drive vehicle can only be driven on bitumen (tarred) roads (unless otherwise stated in our terms and conditions). The all-terrain or 4x4 vehicles can travel along other roads, but there may also be restrictions for these vehicles in our general rental conditions.

Road tolls in Australia

If you travel in the metropolitan areas of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria it is highly likely that you will have to pay road tolls. Please be aware that the vast majority of these tolls are now electronic. In the case of toll non-payment or other traffic violation fines the motorhome supplier reserves the right to charge an administrative fee plus the amount of the fine. CampingCar-Online will provide you with the necessary information regarding road tolls.


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