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Preparing for a motorhome trip in Australia depends on your chosen route and activities. Remember to think about road conditions and accessibility, the mileage of your route and travel time and other practical information that will allow you to make the most of your trip. Here are some useful links to help you organize your stay in Australia.

The climate

Australia is a vast country with great climatic variety. In the southern hemisphere the seasons are the opposite when compared to Europe. The north of the Australia has a tropical climate and the south has a moderate climate. Therefore it's possible to have a motorhome holiday in Australia all year round, choosing your route according to the time of year and season.

In general the climate is dry (Australia is the continent with the lowest rainfall) and two-thirds of the country is arid or semi-arid. However, in northern Australia during the rainy season from December to March, some roads may be closed.

Meteorology Bureau:

National Parks and other nature reserves

Enjoy the freedom that your motorhome allows you to explore the many Australian national parks and marine reserves home to unique and interesting fauna and flora.

Queensland national parks:

New South Wales national parks:

Western Australia national parks:

Northern Territory national parks:

Victoria national parks:

Tasmania national parks:

Far West Coast Marine Park:

Daintree Rainforest:

Blue Mountains:

Kangaroo Island:

Ayers Rock/Uluru:

Valley of the Giants:

Australian vineyards

Australia is increasingly known for its fine cuisine and the quality of its wines which are are exported world wide. Aboard your motorhome take a wine route in the south of Australia and discover the many varieties, as well as some regional, gourmet specialities.

Barossa Valley:

Hunter Valley:

Clare Valley

Adelaide Hills


Margaret River:

Additional information:



Australia is an immense country. The motorhome is an ideal way to explore the continent and enjoy the nature and vast, wild spaces.

Preparation for a motorhome holiday in Australia depends on your route and budget. It is important to plan where you will stop to camp for the night, especially after a long day of driving. There are numerous campsites all over the country, for all prices and for all tastes, from luxury campsites that are very well equipped to more naturel, rustic sites. Motorhome holidays are very popular in Australia so it is important to book your campsites well in advance. 

Top Tourist Parks:

Explore Australia:

Discover Holiday Park:

Top 10 camping sites:

NSW national parks:

Queensland national parks:

Victoria National Parks

Tasmania camping sites:

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