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We have asked some of our renters to share their experiences in Australia and here are some that you may find useful.

So, what did you take from your Australian trip?

In Australia: warm welcomes,
courteous and respectful people. 


To see ALL of Australia: With six months and a large budget would be the dream...


- Two schools of thought -


Organize your trip well to benefit to the fullest and "not be surprised by the long driving distances"


"Just follow along the water" for a trip of complete freedom (and no regrets)

Keep in mind: The continent of Australia is huge!

No reservations necessary in the campgrounds, but watch out for the very busy areas, (i.e. -Blue Mountains) -> Or during high travel periods (i.e.-Easter Weekend)

Keep and eye out for the weather conditions


Tasmania: The campgrounds in Hobart can fill up quickly due to lack of space. 

<-> At the end of the year, the evenings and mornings in Tasmania can get quite chilly (around 10°C) compared to the very mild days (around 20-25°C)

In the North, the cities are bland compared to the Outback... Stopping for a night in the natural parks and free camping is a must!


The smaller models are much more practical for touring the Australian cities (van/4x4)

  For a group of 2, a simple vehicle without a shower or toilet, and "easy to drive and economical" is more than doable!  

Watch out for kangaroos on the road! 

 Overall the camground are in great shape with "easy access and lots of comfort"

Equipped motorhomes come with "a kitchen with refrigerator, stove, coffee maker, all cookware, silverware, and plates."


In the Northern Territories the temperatures can climb quickly -> get to the campsite to recharge your batteries ( and the fridge)


If you prefer the West Coast?
"wild and magnificent beaches"


Or the East Coast? 


Above all, just "enjoy!"
"Take it easy!"




Many of our road-trippers were delighted to discover this site/app for the campgrounds and rest areas, a great aid while on the road:

- WikiCamps 


Dont forget, every road-trip is unique. It's all up to you to create your own adventure! Safe travels!


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