A small area of astounding natural wealth.

Beyond the Bass Strait come and discover one of the least well known parts of Australia, but also one of the most surprising! Tasmania, or Tassie, is an island with a temperate climate and covered in a dense green vegetation. Its wildlife is preserved in national parks, most of which are UNESCO world heritage sites. Visit Tasmania, Australia's only island state, in your motorhome and enjoy its unique, wild landscapes, clean air and even its good food and wine.

Tasmania is one of the last temperate wildernesses on this planet. The scenery, fauna and flora are unique and exceptional. The island is home to the endangered Tasmanian devil, kangaroos, wombats, wallabies, monotremes and dozens of bird species. 

Tour the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, west of the island, for some intense hiking. You may have the chance to meet kangaroos, marmots, wombats and possums. The Freycinet National Park is also worth visiting. It is one of the oldest parks on the island, and is located to the east. The park is home to the famous Wineglass Bay which is considered an idyllic paradise thanks to its surrounding pink granite cliffs, white sand beach and turquoise waters.

On Maria and Bruny Islands you can discover the Aboriginal heritage of Tasmania and enjoy the spectacular scenery. Many other activities are possible in Tasmania such as hiking, surfing, kayaking and caving. The western part of Tasmania is the most inaccessible region of the island. It is extremely well-preserved, but is very wild and the dense vegetation quickly becomes an obstacle. In Port Arthur, a former British penitentiary, you can learn more about the historical past of Tasmania, including the Aboriginal community living in Tasmania before the arrival of European colonizers.

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