Coral Bay et Ningaloo – Western Australia

An underwater wonder world!

The wild nature of this bay is all around you in the beautiful landscapes and seabeds. All along this bay clear, turquoise waters await you. Enjoy the many idyllic beaches and snorkel or dive in the Ningaloo Reef to discover an extraordinary underwater sea world in which there are 200 species of coral and 500 species of fish.

The Ningaloo Reef offers wonderful snorkelling and diving oppurtunities. Between April and June you can swim with whale-sharks, the world's biggest fish and completely harmless! You can also snorkel or dive in the Coral Bay Lagoons or watch the majestic humpback whales swim by between June and November.

This part of Western Australia is full of tourist organisations designed for exploring the underwater sea world. But you can also stay above water and simply enjoy Coral Bay Beach or Exmouth Beach. Put your feet in the clear waters and enjoy watching clown fish and other exotic sealife swimming around you. 

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