Wineglass Bay and Opossum Bay

Wonderful Wineglass Bay.

Wineglass Bay offers less crowded and more discreet Tasmanian beaches, that are nevertheless just as spectacular as those of the continent. Some are considered among the most beautiful beaches in the world, and for nature lovers they offer a real paradise. Some are well known for their idyllic beauty and others less known as they are more remote, but still worth a visit.

The motorhome is perfect for exploring Tasmania which still remains largely wild and full of mysteries. Opposum Bay is at the tip of the world at the sourthern end of the island. The beach is on the edge of a friendly and relaxling village.

On the eastern coast of the island you will find Wineglass Bay with its saphire water and white sand enclosed by pink granite peaks that dominate the bay. Completely surrounded by the Freycinet National Park, its location is uniquely beautiful. The bay and its granite cliffs from a circular arc that offer a spectacular view of one of the world's top 10 beaches.

The Freycinet Peninsula is offers wonderful natural treasures. On the west coast there are many long, beautiful beaches such as Bryans and Cooks Beach and on the east side high cliffs shelter many forgotten coves and hidden beaches.

You can also hike through the pink, granite mountains of The Hazards to end up relaxing on a lovely beach. 

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