Northern Territory

Explore wild and remote Northern Australia.

The extreme north of Australia is known for its wild and remote atmosphere. The tropical climate in the region makes for a totally different Australia than that seen in the south. Discover the Aboriginal history and culture of the area and explore the unusual northern coastline in your motorhome.

Put on a wetsuit to discover the Second World War shipwrecks in Darwin Bay in the middle of a coral reef and surrounded by interesting sea life, such as wobbegong sharks, coral trout, giant groupers and barracudas. The shallow waters are also teeming with marine life. Don't miss the beautiful sunsets over the sea at Darwin Bay.

Nitmiluk National Park, near Katherine, has a unique, tropical setting. Here you can canoe through some of the park's magnificent gorges.

Litchfield National Park is one of Australia's most famous parks. Relax and enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and natural pools. There are secure natural pools for swimming. In others you may come face-to-face with a big crocodile!




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