Southern Australia

Do you dare to dive with the great white shark?

The Australian coast is perfect for amateur and professional surfers. From the Pacific Ocean to the Indian and Southern Oceans, the great, surfing waves in Australia are world renowned. But do be careful, as surfing is a dangerous sport. Pay attention to reports of sharks, jellyfish and strong currents and do not surf alone.

The main surfing beaches in Southern Australia are found along the Fleurieu Peninsula. Good spots include Christies and SellinckKangaroo Island is a great island to explore and offers surfing beaches for all levels. Try out your surfing skills at Vivonne, Stokes and Pennington. Huge waves break along Hanson and Estrees' bays, as well as at Parsons, and these spots are suited only for the fittest surfers. For a gentler surf, beginners can try Venus Bay and Eyre Peninsula. The Limestone Coast extends to the state of Victoria and is home to lovely spots such as Beachport, Robe and Cape Douglas

Swim with sea lions in Baird Bay, a protected, endangered species. You can also swim with bottlenosed dolphins. At Port Lincoln you can dive amongst cuttlefish and hundreds of tuna, and for a unique experience you can even go shark cage diving! On Kangaroo Island you will find sea dragons or why not try one of the good diving spots around Victor Harbour

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