Fresh seafood all around!

Australia is extremely rich in seafood resources of a high quality and aquaculture is the country's fastest growing primary industry. Man has tamed its coasts and there are many reputable aquaculture sites rich in variety. Travel in your motorhome to discover the wealth and treasures of the Australian coastline.

Australian aquaculture is mainly located in the south on the Eyre Peninsula and here you can sample top quality seafood. The Eyre Peninsula is relatively big with approximately 2000 km of coastline. Travelling by motorhome is the most convenient and economical way to make the most of the many activities offered in the region. Stop to eat oysters in Smokey Bay, Cowell, and don't miss those in Coffin Bay, known to be the best in the world!

At Port Lincoln watch the preparation of fish, oysters, lobsters, mussels and shrimp in the local fish market before sampling some fresh products. If you go through Ellinston try the lobsters and stop at the Farmers and Fisehermen's Market in streaky Bay. In April the stalls are full of whiting, snapper, billfish, shrimp and irresitible lobster.

There are many other activities on the Eyre Peninsula linked to aquaculture in the region. Dive in and swim with dolphins and seals at Coffin Bay, or several hundred tunas and sea lions at Baird Bay. The more adventurous can dive with great white sharks at Port Lincoln. At Whyalla it is possible to dive with giant cuttlefish or catch yourself some crabs in summer at low tide. Eyre Peninsula also offers beautiful ocean views. Try the Oyster Walk or the Needle Eye trail to admire the lovely coastal scenery.

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