Australian curiosities

Culinary curiosities.

Australia has many great products from all regions of the country. Some maybe surprising and yet they are very common and greatly appreciated Australians.

The biggest Australian culinary habit is probably Vegemite. This spread, with its yeast base, is consumed in more than 80% of Australian homes. Its black color and definite odour will entice even the uninitiated to spread a bit on their toast!

"Bush tucker" has been increasingly introduced into the Australian cuisine thanks to the growing interest in Aboriginal culture. It refers to any native Australian food that was eaten by the original inhabitants of the continent and includes kangaroo, emu, crocodile, seafoods and indigenous nuts, seeds, berries and other edible plants. Certain larvae and insects are also included as they were eaten for their nutritional aspects or as a treat!

Nowadays it is certainly possible to find kangaroo on the menu in Australian restaurants. It is a red meat, slightly stronger than beef, and tastes similar to deer meat. Crocodile meat is also becoming more and more common in Australian kitchens. The white flesh of this animal is like fish, yet the taste is closer to that of chicken.

"Bush culture" is gradually making its way into the cities and inspiring chefs to use these unusual ingredients to surprise and delight us!

Still growing bush happens gradually in the city, some leaders inspire and use these products still too little known and will not hesitate to surprise you.

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