The culinary melting pot.

Australia, unlike many European countries, does not have a gastronomy historically established and developed over centuries in and of itself. In fact Australian cuisine comes directly from the culinary habits of the British, the first settlers. But since the late eighteenth century Australia's cuisine has come a long way. With a growing interest in Aboriginal culture and Mediterranean and Asian influences that came with immigration, there is a real culinary boom in the country, including specialities such as "fusion food" or "mod'Oz".

During a motorhome holiday in Australia you can not escape certain products considered "typically Australian". Firstly, Australia is a great supplier of fresh local produce, grown by relatively small farmers. You can find this produce in the bustling markets of the cities. The seafood in Australia is excellent and Australian seafood restaurants are certainly considered among the best in the world.

For those who prefer savoury tastes, Australians are fond of "meat pie", which is a sort of pastry filled with meat and vegetables. Their burgers are a little different as they often add a slice of beetroot to the ensemble! Inspired by the Chinese spring rolls, "chicko rolls" have appeared, but despite their name they actually contain beef. The barbecue (or barbie) is a must for Australians. On the beach or at home Australians can often be found barbecuing meat or fish while drinking a good local beer

Those of you with a sweet tooth will be pleased by the amount of sugary delights available in the shops. A few of these more well known products include Tim Tam, Fantales and Cherry Pie. Some common Australian cakes include banana bread (banana cake), lamingtons (chocolate and coconut squares), pavlova and peach melba.

Amid all these little gastronomic specialties there are many food and wine festivals with top chefs putting on great culinary demonstrations.

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