Fraser island – Queensland

A unique UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fraser Island is definitely worth a visit as the world's biggest sand island and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is accessible by a short ferry ride.

It is possible to drive around the island in a 4x4 vehicule, however driving on sand is still not easy. For the more careful motorhome driver, it may be better to leave your motorhome at Hervey Bay and take the ferry to the island either independently or with an organised tour group. Fraser Island is characterised by its abundant flora and fauna which is well protected and conserved. Enjoy walking through forests made of trees of over a thousand years old and go and see the multicoloured cliffs of The Cathedrals.

You can also swim in crystal clear lakes or make a historical visit to the Maheno Shipwreck. Enjoy the wildlife around you such as the 34 bird species on the island, as well as dugongs, turtles, dolphins, sharks and even whales during the migration between August and October. You will be sure to relax in this idyllic setting and feel at one with nature.


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