Rottnest Island - Western Australia

Cycling is the key word!

Rottnest Island has an aboriginal history and has become more and more popular to tourists since the last century. Leave your motorhome in Perth and take the ferry to the island and enjoy its abundant flora and fauna.

The island is closed to motor vehicles so the best way to explore it is by bicycle. The island's rich, natural beauty has been well protected and conserved. Walk along secluded, peaceful bays or kayak to one of the sixty sheltered beaches on the island. Meet the adorable quokka, a small marsupial found only in Western Australia.

Snorkel or dive to explore the surrounding turquoise waters with their colourful coral reefs and historic ship wrecks. You can also encounter kangaroos, seals, dolphins, whales and fish eagles. The island is also home to some interesting surf spots which are accessible using the Bayseeker Bus

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