Gibb River Road

The challenge for the off-road adventurers.

Gibb River Road is the extreme off road adventure of the country covering 660 km of track connecting Broome to Kununurra. Formerly a cattle route, it is a dirt gravel road mainly suitable for 4x4 vehicules.  It passes through unique Aboriginal territory with stunning landscapes of rivers and waterfalls set in tropical savannah. You might come across some Aboriginal communities or large cattle breeding stations, reminding you that you are in the heart of one of the least changed regions of the still wild Australian outback.

The Gibb River Road can be done in a 4x4 vehicle during the dry season. Tracks off the main road will lead you to unique natural sites and even accommodation. Don't miss Windjana Gorge along the Lennard River, which offers 3.5 km of hikes through beautiful tropical nature full of birds and some crocodiles.

At Tunnel Creek you can follow a stream into a beautiful tunnel-like cave. Watch out for the bats and find some fossils! In the King Leopold National Park enjoy the rugged Mount Hart mountain range and its stunning views. The area is a spectacular wilderness with isolated ranches and countless gorges, such as Galvans Gorge, Lennard Gorge with its natural swimming pool and Bell Gorge with its waterfall.

Always be cautious on isolated roads in the Outback. Watch out for "road trains", enormous trucks pulling several trailers behind them, as they travel at high speeds despite their size. From November to March the roads of the Gibb River Road are completely or partially closed because of heavy rains making them impassable. Remember to ask about road conditions before you depart. Also, the northern part of Western Australia is known for its freshwater crocodiles. Be careful and educate yourself before taking a dip in a lake or river. Rather swim in the designated and secure pools.

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