Outback Way

A wild adventure in the heart of Australia.

This intinerary connects Winton to Laverton and crosses the continent through the Red Centre and the Australian Outback. It is a memorable 4x4 journey of over 3000 km in the heart of wild Australia. You can take the Great Central Road in Western Australia, which is much safer than the dirt and gravel roads.

Crossing Central Australia is an unforgettable trip. The roads included in the Outback Way are: Great Central Road, Gunbarrel Highway, Lasseter Highway, Stuart Highway, Plenty Highway, Donohue Highway and Kennedy Development Road.

If you want to, you can continue the Outback Way adventure west towards Perth and east towards Cairns. No road in Australia passes through as many different climates and natural landscapes. You will experience the south western Mediterranean climate, the north eastern tropical climate and the semi-arid desert in the centre. Splendid landscapes await you, as well as interesting flora and fauna.

Around Alice Springs don't miss Uluru (Ayers Rock) or Kata Tjuta (Olgas). These famous, gigantic monoliths are very striking and particularly dramatic at sunset with the reddening sun and sky. You will come across other exceptional sites on your way such as the McDonnell Ranges, Lark Quarry Country and Channel Country.

A trip into the Outback should always be well planned. The best season for travel in this region is from June to August. These months will allow you to avoid soaring temperatures of 45-50°C, as well as fly swarms. Isolation in this region can be problematic. Make sure you leave with suncream, a hat, plenty of water, some music and essential vehicle spare parts, as you will often be very far from towns and service stations. Inform relatives and a local police station of your itinerary and make sure you are well informed and planned before your departure.

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