Pacific Coast Highway

The place to be.

The Pacific Coast Highway or Pacific Coast Touring Route is one of the most popular routes in Australia. The east coast has lovely beaches and a sunny climate highlighting sublime scenery. Surfers and swimmers will enjoy this route which is the most touristic coast of Australia and home to three quaters of the population. However, it is still possible to avoid the crowds thanks to the vastness of the country. Some sites are unavoidably busy, but travel by motorhome will allow you to escape a little and travel off the beaten track.

The East Coast is a real joy from the beautiful protected nature areas, to the many beaches and water activities. You can follow the coast from Sydney to Cairns, but feel free to head inland from time to time, as there are just as many beautiful areas to see there as well.

A 100 km from Sydney are the Blue Mountains, which are covered with immense forests of eucalyptus trees giving off a beautiful, blue sheen. Continue to Hunter Valley, Australia's oldest wine region, for an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Go through Port Stephens and with a little luck swim withthe dolphins in the bay or watch the humpback whale migration.

The Gondwana Rainforests are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and can be explored by hiking trails. Byron Bay is a paradise for surfers. For those who enjoy a mix of city life and nature, the Gold Coast, just before Queensland, is ideal. Along the Sunshine Coast stop in Noosa and just relax before heading off to Hervey Bay for some snorkeling or scube diving. After that the legendary Fraser Island (accessible for 4x4s and experienced drivers on sand) awaits you.

Continuing along the coast you will undoubtedly encounter the Great Barrier Reef. For a little paradise on Earth visit the Whitsunday Islands, especially Whitehaven Beach. Off the coast of Cairns you can explore the reef by snorkelling or scuba diving to experience a most magical underwater world.


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