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Australia can be explored by motorhome along its coastlines or crossed inland. Travelling the continent by motorhome allows you complete independence and you can move freely from one state to another at your own pace. Break from driving by exploring famous tourist attractions, enjoying various activities and camping cheaply or even for free. With your rental motorhome in Australia, you will have little to do other than enjoy your road trip with family or friends.

Please note that the travel times and periods indicated below, as well as the kilometers given, will vary depending on your final itinerary and selected activities.

Sydney-Cairns : 15 days - 2500 km

This route is a popular choice by many motorhome explorers in Australia. It can be done in 15 days, but perhaps a longer period will allow you to benefit more from its many attractions.

Sydney-Brisbane : 7 days - 1000km

This route will allow you to enjoy the many lighthouse points along the Australian East Coast.

Brisbane-Cairns : 10 days - 1700km

Explore this northern route along the fabulous Sunshine Coast including the Whitsundays, Fraser Island, Cairns and the amazing Great Barrier Reef. Set off in your motorhome to discover white, sandy beaches and lush, tropical forests.

Adelaide-Melbourne : 7 days - 750km

This route offers spectacular coastal scenery and beautiful fauna. 

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