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Australia can be explored by motorhome along its coastlines or crossed inland. Travelling the continent by motorhome allows you complete independence and you can move freely from one state to another at your own pace. Break from driving by exploring famous tourist attractions, enjoying various activities and camping cheaply or even for free. With your rental motorhome in Australia, you will have little to do other than enjoy your road trip with family or friends.

Please note that the travel times and periods indicated below, as well as the kilometers given, will vary depending on your final itinerary and selected activities.

Sydney-Melbourne : 7 à 10 days - 900km

Enjoy exploring the valleys, vineyards and sunny beaches along this coastal route.

Adelaide-Darwin : 15 à 20 days - 3000 km

Traveling inland from the south to the north of Australia via this route will take you through spectacular scenery and interesting attractions. Don't forget to visit Uluru (Ayers Rock).

Darwin-Perth : 20 à 25 days - 4200 km

Enjoy the beautiful, West Coast national parks along this route. Western Australia is five times the size of France, and probably the state of superlatives - the most isolated, wildest, the sunniest....

Adelaide-Alice Springs : 10 à 15 days - 1500 km

Along this route don't miss a good diving oppurtunity at Port Augusta or an exotic tour of Coober Pedy. Also, an interseting adventure awaits you in the Red Centre!

Alice Springs-Darwin : 10 à 15 days - 1500km

This route takes you into the heart of the Outback. You will pass through the town of Teenant Creek and can also explore Litchfield National Park, one of the three most visited parks in Australia, and Elsey National Park with its hot springs.

Brisbane-Melbourne : 15 days - 1700km

This coastal route will take you from the beaches of Byron Bay to the small town of Coffs Harbour, from Port Macquarie to the vineyards of Hunter Valley, from vibrant Sydney to Canberra, and finally from Falls Creek to Melbourne.

Broome-Perth : 15 à 20 days - 2200km

Explore the west coast of Australia in your motorhome and enjoy some of the most well known national parks and nature and marine reserves in the world.

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