Nullarbor Plain

A backpacker's paradise.

The Latin words "nullus" and "arbor" meaning treeless, give name to Nullarbor Plain, a depopulated, semi-desert territory in South Australia. A 2700 km road from Perth to Adelaide called the Eyre Highway, crosses it. A 100 km north, the Trans-Australia Railway more or less follows the same path. It is bordered to the south by the Great Australian Bay with its gigantic, limestone cliffs and shark-filled waters. Explore this area in your motorhome for an extraordinary and timeless adventure!

Nullarbor Plain is a unique and ideal route for adventurous souls. Travelling between the saturated, blue sky and dusty, desolate landscape makes for a journey of reflection and heightens the awareness of the vastness of the Australian continent. On the road you will drive for kilometers and kilometers, with no one in sight. The longest stretch connects Caiguna to Balladonia and measures 145 km long. Beware of "road trains"! These freight trucks pulling 2, 3 or even 4 trailers behind them, travel very fast despite their size!

Despite the monotony and isolation of the road, one must be vigilant in the heart of Nullarbor Plain. Animal crossings are common (wombats, kangaroos, cows, camels ...) especially at dusk. Stations are positioned about every 200 km and often include a shop or café, a motel or a campsite. Do not hesitate to stop regularly, especially when it's getting dark. Also, make sure you have plenty of water.

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