The Red Centre

Between wild nature and Aboriginal heritage!

Around Alice Springs, an oasis in the middle of the Outback, the Red Centre of Australia is a breathtaking and unique world site. This desert region is characterized by brilliant, red earth and wild nature that has been home to the Aboriginal people for thousands of years. Come and discover this fascinating area in your motorhome!

A 4x4 vehicle is strongly advised for travel in this area as it is made up of a number of deserts. In the north is the Central Desert, home to an Aboriginal reserve. In the east is the Simpson Desert, the south the Great Victorian Desert and in the west the Great Sandy and Gibson Deserts.

Don't miss the iconic Uluru or Ayers Rock. This ancient and huge monolith is a sacred Aboriginal site and a beautiful spectacle to see. Its shades of colour change with the light during the day ending up in an intense red with the setting sun. Not far from this site you can also see the domes of Kata Tjuta, formely called the Olgas.

From Alice Springs the mountain chain of the McDonnell Ranges extend for 400 km to form a spectacular, rocky landscape of rises and gorges. There are walks and hikes for all levels such as the Larapinta Trail.

In your motorhome you can dive right into the wild nature of this region and follow the cultural traces of the Aboriginal people.



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